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The Business Planning Process: Businesses often succeed or fail as a result of the business plan, or lack thereof.  A business plan is a guide to the operation of your business, setting forth your assumptions...

Businesses are fundamentally about money: making money, managing money, and paying money to employees or other businesses. Every business needs to stay on top of its finances. Back in the day,...

Financing is one of the most challenging obstacles an entrepreneur has to overcome when starting a business. Most startups require at least a small amount of seed money to get off the ground,...

How To Create An Operations Manual For Your Business Having a written plan is important to any business, big or small.  Putting the standards you set for yourself and your business on paper will...


8 Photos Not to Use on LinkedIn

24-Oct-2014 11:48

LinkedIn doesn’t play when it comes to professional profile pics and neither should you. 


10 Powerful Practices From Highly Respected People

24-Oct-2014 11:40

There are over 7 billion people in the world. A single trait sets a small handful apart; celebrated and emulated individuals have earned something more valuable than gold. Aretha Franklin knows the an...


Why Increasing Your Likability Will Improve Your Bottom Line

24-Oct-2014 11:36

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” right? Wrong. This idea is flawed and incomplete. It’s not about what you know or even about who you know. What matters most is who knows you and...


Unlimited Time Off Comes with a Cost

24-Oct-2014 11:30

Netflix, Glassdoor, Zynga and, as of last month, Virgin Group are among the giants of the corporate world who offer their employees unlimited vacation time. For most people, this sounds like a dream c...


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The most important factor in a successful ITFM implementation is having a thoroughment it..The most ... more »


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The most important factor in a successful ITFM implementation is having a thoroughment itThe most im... more »